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Keeping REAL photography alive. Passion, Creativity & Quality second to none.

Specializing in traditional film photography and photographic reproductions aswell as providing only the ultimate of digital imaging and electronic files. Aperture Light is a company who cares about image quality in the new age of photography and imaging. Call us today ' no obligation '

Aperture is a beautiful thing it allows us to see the world we live in. ©

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If it's professional photography you are seeking then you have come to the right place. The founder of Aperture Light has over 35 years photographic experience and is a qualified photographer. Please enjoy your visit and do not hesitate to contact us should you need to. 

Please note all commissions are documented on professional film 'unless previously agreed' to ensure the ultimate of image quality and photographic reproductions. Our digital services are strictly professional and are produced from scanning our films on pro monitored machines or by using only digital cameras of the highest standards.

We are available for full United Kingdom Coverage aswell as International Commissions.

Display and exhibition packages, reprints, canvas prints, pro electronic files, darkroom handprints etc are available to all clients. Our porfolios are extensive and viewing them is a must. To see the true photographic qualities of a photographers work we recommend viewing there real life portfolios unless you have seen the photographers work before or they are a recommendation.

Real black and white photographs can only be produced from B+W film. Film images are printed on superior photographic papers than digital files. Traditional photographs can only be produced from film. Darkroom handprints from film are the ultimate photographic reproduction.

Studio, on-location and natural light photography undertaken.

' Proud King of the Jungle '



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Canon * Tokina * Metz * Sekonica * Manfrotto * Fuji * Ilford * Kodak * PSP

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